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Updated whenever.


Yay I colored my pretty filler art.

Anywho, sorry about the delay in strips, been moving to a new computer and what not.

I'm going to aim for Wednesdays being the set update schedule. Whether it's a comic or a filler, only time will tell. 0_0


A simple truth.

Ok so this was rather rushed. I wanted to get it over with D= I will not lie.


I went one shot, no base drawing no outline no nothing. And he looks . . . stupid. Oh well.

Nobody ever gets this joke either! I thought it was simple to understand but I must have brought it up at least 30 times by now with everybody saying, "um . . . what?" So. Rwar.

Color wooo

So this comic strip . . . Is the first time I've attempted to use the computer to color something. It's a bit grainy but if I play around with it enough I think it'll be ok. I'm workin on it. >=(


Alrighty, two new pages. IT'S A MIRACLE! . . .


Ok so yes. It's been rather long. Borneo's been a bit to busy to write up any scripts, and tomorow will be yielding a poor attempt at something funny from Mugen . . . It will involve a plunger. So, there you have it. Huzzah.

Fandemonium is Coming!!!

So yes, I've almost got my banner finished for Fandemonium. (not really) If you're going to be there, be sure to say hi. Although I doubt you will. All... glorious 7 of you...


Amazing news. It's not really amazing but gosh darnnit I'm going to say it is!!

C^U is going to be at Fandemonium, with an art table. An art table. Sure, this is no hard feat, but it's done. So for anyone that wants to come by... there ya go, there's the info.

In other news, todays lovely strip... is what I'm going to be dressed as at Fandemonium. It's overly exciting because I've actually started the fabric of assembling an actual squad of B.O. Police... And I am riveted.

Wooo 4 updates!

Yup yup, four new comics. Hoorah! ... Not really, but, we'll pretend. =3

So I got a call today... From friend of mine, that just read C^U today for the first time, she says it's "inspirational." Just thought I'd, ya know, throw that out there. So you can like... Tell you friends.

On another note, 7 favorites. Yuuup. Not like you didn't already know that.

And on a last note, although it's many many days early notice, C^U will be at Fandemonium. Woot! ... *cough* Yuuup.

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